K-Trio Consultancy is a coaching and mentoring service for small businesses accredited by the IC (Institute of Consulting), specialising in startups and growth strategies for small business.
Our vast extensive experience gained within both public sector (including the NHS), and other private sector gives us a competitive advantage within small business market.
What can Ktrio do for you?
Ktrio is a Healthcare consulting business, accredited by the Institute of Consultancy, first established in 2015.
We help you achieve your goal of either starting your own healthcare business or scaling up your existing healthcare business.
How do we achieve this?
Ktrio provides a selection of services that will ensure you set-up a successful healthcare business or if you have an existing healthcare business we will give you the tools you need to scale-up to the next level. We do this by providing;
Our highly commended workshop – “STARTUP! Healthcare Business startup & scaleup Workshop for carehome,nursing agency, nursing recruitment and other healthcare businesses.” – This workshop demonstrates a full start-up and scale up strategy for Healthcare Business on how to set up a nursing agency, a care home, a supported living business, a home care business or another business opportunity within the health sector.
1:1 Consultancy – A full 1:1 session to discuss your business model and the basic principles of start up or scale up. During this process we go through our project plan which covers the project life cycle.
Additional business support – Covering everything from business plans, to CQC guidane, funding, marketing and any other support you need!

The Lifecycle Of A Healthcare Business



Starting a healthcare business can be complex. Therefore, the key factors to venture , one need to full equipped on the following:


1. Identify your business model

2. Understand the industry requirements in compliance and using the right tools.


Here at KTrio Consultancy, we believe everyone should have access to the relevant tools and support for you to setup your dream healthcare business. So we have devised a simplified life cycle of a healthcare business.


Why Set Up A Healthcare Business?



The National Audit Office states that the social care system is at risk of collapse due to a severe staff shortage. There are 1.3million care workers, but two million will be needed by 2035 to cope with the rising number of elderly people and the demand of workers in this sector. This has resulted in an increasing demand for private healthcare service business in the UK.


Whats Included?


Systems and processes are key to business growth. Every business needs to have the right systems to help you manage your time, develop your business and also to ensure that your compliance and productivity increases. This will help catalyse your business growth. This could include emails systems: hiring systems; scheduling systems: meeting scheduling and accounting systems etc. The most important thing is to implement them and integration is key. Get in touch with us for consultation on identifying the right systems, tailored to your business.

Business Set-up

Company Registration
Details Certification of incorporation
Information & Guidance
Compliance & Regulation
Business Plan


Business Card
Compliment Slip
ID Badges & Uniforms
Email Signature
Website Design

Forms & Policies

Basic Forms
Recruitment Forms
Operational & Administrative Forms
Agency / Company Policies Compliance
Client / Staff Handbooks
HR Policies
HR Forms / Templates / Tool Kit

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Sales Letter
Tele Sales Strategy
Recruitment Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing
Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing Material

Recruitment Leaflet
Client Leaflet
Company Brochure
Client Rates Template
Company Folder
Client Introduction Letter
Rollup Banner
Business Advert

Operations Training

  Recruitment Process
DBS Checking
Compliance Training
Staff Training (Registration
Manager & Induction)






CQC Support

CQC Registration


Coaching Program


Business Plan







Tender Writing


Project Management


Policies & Procedure

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With 25 years of experience in both the public and private sector, Angies speciality lies within healthcare businesses. Providing expertise in Social and Healthcare Sector business models for startups and business growth.

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