How to Set up an International Nursing Recruitment/ care Agency and/or Domiciliary Care Business

Augustine Olu-Daniels

"I attended a seminar sometime in 2019 and when Angie was delivering lecture on setting a healthcare business, she was very inclusive, not shy from telling truth, advice good money management when it comes to property, and took her time to answer questions. I observed she understands everyone learn and understands things differently. Angie re-cap and took time to attend to someone participants after the seminar. That day fateful day inspired and convinced me that I will be in good hands with the training I needed."

This FREE Webclass is designed to improve the chances of success for anyone working or hoping to work in the social and healthcare sector and expand into international recruitment.


Whether you have begun your healthcare business or not, chances are the pandemic of 2020 has rocked your world!


We need qualified health care workers from ALL segments to stand together now more than ever and provide the MUCH NEEDED services our countrywomen (and countrymen) need! This industry is a core pillar to any strong community, and the world is seeing that now more than ever!


When I worked as a care worker, I witnessed neglect, cut corners due to dwindling budgets, and people in it “just for the money.” Which as we know… usually is never enough for the workload.edible leaders, world class educators, and heart-centered caretakers who made it their life's mission to uplift every person they encountered, as well as the indeeing the stark difference in the outcomes between the neglectful non-caring workers and the incredible heart-centered LEADERS I mentioned, It was so shocking to see that a few simple TWEAKS really were the only difference!


Better care outcomes, better staff morale and retention, and yes… more financial viability coil all be attained if more people applied these very simple foundational changes!


I have made it my life's work to spread the life lessons, and real tangible systems, I learned from those successful leaders so that MORE qualified an passionate people could enter the world of healthcare without jumping through so many hoops, quitting before they ever got started due to making some easily avoidable mistakes, or burning out too soon because they couldn't physically or financially go on any longer. 

So, if you currently run or would like to begin a…

  • Support Living Facility 
  • Nursing Recruitment agency
  • Semi-independent Children's home
  • Domiciliary Care Services
  • Residential Homes
  • Children’s Home
Or, Own property you’ll like to sublet to any of the above
I invite you to enrol in this LIVE virtual Webclass
November 19th  at 10am BST
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How to Set up an International Nursing Recruitment/ care Agency and/or Domiciliary Care Business


In 60 short minutes you will learn:


1. The 5 Phases of setting up a health care businesses and how to launch your international recruitment division

(Even if you have a business I bet you skipped some of these!)


2. Pitfalls to avoid so you don’t waste time and money


3. Long term Success and Profitability! 

Quick success is great, but long term success is BETTER! 

You will leave knowing how to achieve BOTH!


4. Transparent Case studies on million dollar practices and how you can reach the same success!

" This workshop is excellent value for money and I would recommend for anyone considering starting up in Supported Living. Angie is a true professional and very knowledgeable. 10 out of 10! ”  

Khalida Barker 

”I attended a seminar that Angie ran in July 2019 on setting up a Supported Living provision. As a direct result of attending this, my provision started running in April 2020! Great result! Angie was knowledgeable, clear, and answered all relevant questions. I felt the seminar was inspiring in the clarity that it provided, and I am still in touch with a fellow attendee as well. I do not require support to register with CQC or further develop my business at this stage but would not hesitate to contact Ktrio if/when I reach that stage. Thanks, Angie”

Sasha East 

”I have now attended her workshop twice as I had to continue learning. There is so much value from her workshops and she is very knowledgeable. Very easy to understand and I am now in the process of setting up my supported living and nursing agency.”   

Mopelola Balogun 

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Time is Money, and Money isn’t everything.


But the MORE people who know how to be FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL in this business, the more opportunity there is for proper and quality care to be provided to all! 


See you on November 19th  at 10am BST