Attention: Healthcare Businesses and Professionals


90min To Learn How To Build A Profitable and High Quality Care Supported Living / Domiciliary Agency/ Care-home or any other Healthcare Business 


Hey! I’m Angie and after 27 years of experience in both the public and private sector - I’ll be sharing how some of my £1M Quality care providers clients  have made it… and how you can too!



In This Masterclass, you’ll learn:


1. The 5 Phases Of Setting Up A Profitable Health Care Business 

To know exactly what to do, reduce overwhelm and set yourself up for success


2. The Top Pitfalls To Avoid So You Don’t Waste Time And Money

And examples you may recognize yourself into! 


3. The Secrets Of Long term Success and Profitability 

Quick success is great, but long term success is BETTER - let’s get you both! 


4. Transparent Case Studies: Million Dollar Healthcare Practices 

...and how you can reach the same success!


Angie - Health Care Business School

The Healthcare Business Has Changed In A BIG Way…


Whether you had to move things online and deal with the increased competition in the space, or in need to take things to the next level with your healthcare practice... This past year might actually be a big opportunity yet to grab to reinvent your business!

So much has changed and more than ever people are looking for a source of high quality care they can trust for them and their loved ones.


Join me to learn about the edge you can get and easily create a profitable healthcare business you can be proud of!

This Live Masterclass is a Must Attend if…


✔ You currently run or would like to begin a healthcare business of any kind (eg Support Living Facility, Residential Homes,...) but feel overwhelmed


✔ You feel stuck and need a step by step plan to turn your healthcare business into something PROFITABLE 


✔ You want to understand how to deliver the highest quality of care in your healthcare business and the secrets of the top players in your industry

A Note From Angie


I’ve been working in both the public and private sector for over 25 years.


After learning from industry experts and working with top business in the industry, I finally found the perfect mix to help build a fully operational and profitable healthcare business in just 12 weeks!


This brand new Live Masterclass is the condensed version of years of trials and tribulations to what ACTUALLY can make your practice a great success. 


If you’re wanting to make the years ahead you finally burst through the “healthcare business purgatory” and deliver the highest quality of care, this is for you


See you there!

Angie - Health Care Business School