Quality Health Care is in HIGH demand all the time, but most businesses FAIL their first year due to lack of information on how to get started as well as lack of Business Training on what to do to gain and expand their client base to maximise profit

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Health Business Incubator

This is the ONLY course available for 

healthcare-related businesses

 in the UK that shares detailed 

secret knowledge about:

Legal Compliance


✔ The initial vetting process

✔ Licensing

✔ The difference between local and national laws

✔ Passing Regular Audits

Business Management


✔ Hiring/Training

✔ Service User Intake

✔ Billing/Insurance

✔ Systems

✔ Capital/Equipment

Marketing & Sales


✔ Naming strategy

✔ Location/Placement 

✔ Strategic planning for your service offerings

✔ Advertising and marketing

✔ Networking

✔ The power of strategic relationships

Stop Wondering How You Will Ever 


In The Health Care Biz And Become 

Fully Operational And Profitable In Just 12 Weeks!

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Hi! I'm Angie


With A Decade Of Experience Consulting Some Of The Most Successful

Healthcare Professionals In UK, Leading Thousands Of Busy Healthcare

Visionaries Just Like You In Public Lectures And Paid Seminars On The Topics Of

Quality Care Systems, Profitability, And Compliance, I Don’t Just Talk The Talk, 

I Walk The Walk.
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Entering & Succeeding 


Health Care Is Not Easy!

This Is Intentional!

Stringent vetting processes and ongoing auditing prevents people who are not at all passionate about the industry or about caring for people - those who only want in for the potentially life changing income - from potentially doing HARM to people by launching and running careless businesses. 


Unfortunately the system right now makes it difficult for ANYONE to succeed, 

including MANY who are truly leading with heart!

I have seen all too often a passionate, educated, and dedicated person who could make an enormous impact on the world through their health center become distraught and quit before they ever could open for business…


It’s simple, NOBODY tells you the HOW of not only
beginning, but growing a profitable quality care centre,
and then eventually, retiring from your business.

Your business is as individual as you are. Along the way you will come across roadblocks that most people have no idea how to navigate! Even if they run their own successful healthcare business just down the street from yours!


Sure you may see a tidbit after hours of research, or hear a rumour from an industry chat room, and you may have even shadowed someone going through the process. But with all the different variables that can occur while navigating the elite and ever changing world of healthcare, there is no SINGLE COMPLETE RESOURCE...


This 12 week course is designed to help maximise your effort along EVERY single stage of business.

From start up, to growth. 

Believe it or not, what you do DAY ONE when setting up your business has a DRASTIC effect on how much you can succeed with it!

Everything from the name, to how you network in the beginning, to which services you offer have a domino effect on everything from:

✔ Profitability

✔ Expansion

✔ Auditing Demands

✔ Hours of Operation

...And BEYOND!

Healthcare Business Incubator helps you begin a new healthcare business RIGHT from day one, and can also help you course-correct even if you have begun the process already!

AND it helps you do it all quickly & with minimal stress so that you can enjoy the large BOOM in business that is occurring right now due to the world pandemic!

In your life, there has never been, and probably never will be again a better time to refine your path and work on the 

High-Impact, High-Income, Healthcare Business of your Dreams!

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Now is the time to set up or redesign your very own business designed to not only provide the best, most up to date, and service oriented care to a population that is in need, but also provide you with a lifetime career that provides financial security, work-life balance, and timeless legacy of large scale impact on the world and more personal influence on each individual you are honoured to serve. 

"I knew Angie years ago from a conference and was amazed by the success she already achieved! I am also one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who want to have her own business in the healthcare industry. I badly want to attend the workshops administrated by Angie, but I live so far that it’s difficult for me to attend. When I knew that Angie launch a course I didn’t hesitate to enroll!"



"This is my answered prayer! I’ve been wanting to establish my own healthcare business but I’am afraid to do so and I don’t know how to start. But with this course, I learn EVERYTHING I need to know to start the ball rolling. And Angie is so accommodating and helpful

More power to you Angie!"





START UP SAVVY -  No more wasting time and ruining your reputation guessing! This section is designed to address ALL your concerns going from “I WANT TO DO THIS!” to fully vetted and licensed and ready for business! (£597 Value)

MODULE 1 - Create a Strong Foundation


MODULE 2 - Business Startup

MONARCH OF MANAGEMENT - Wish you had the cheat sheets to success? Never be left alone in the kingdom you built wondering “What do I do now??” In this section I give you step by step lists and systems that are PROVEN to be successful. All you have to do is use them! (£1097 Value)

MODULE 3 - Finances and Cashflow


MODULE 4 - Compliance & Regulations


MODULE 5 - Delivering High Quality Care


MODULE 6 - Physical Resources


MODULE 7 - Digital Systems & Processes

SUPERIOR SUCCESS - Of all the healthcare centres available helium the same kinds of people with the same kinds of issues… why would someone choose YOU? In this section I break down Incredibly effective, yet extremely simple marketing, advertising, and business escalating strategies that will set you a cut above the rest and give you more visibility, instant reputation, and become the go-to provider on everyone’s list! (£597 Value)

MODULE 8 - Develop Your Winning Website


MODULE 9 - Market Research & Differentiation


MODULE 10 - Marketing & Advertising in Healthcare


MODULE 11 - Write Tenders & Win Contracts


MODULE 12 -Your Next Steps 

BONUS (£2995.00 Value)


Separate Sections Showcasing EXACTLY How To Implement These Tips, Tools, And Systems In ANY Type Of Business. Separate Sections Breaking Down The Following Healthcare Businesses Will Be Added To Your Members Area:
Start your own business in

✔ Nursing agency
✔ Domiciliary care agency
✔ Supported living business
✔ Home-care business
✔ International nursing recruitment agency
✔ Children's home
✔ Secure home
✔ Care Agency



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PLUS anyone committing to their goal of being a premier healthcare business owner in 2021 by becoming a member will gain access to my private community where I not only answer all of your questions about the course, but also provide additional timely tips and resources not already included in your member' area based on real world events and what I see working that day! 


Personal access to me is usually several thousand pounds a month, You will gain this community access for FREE for 12 weeks by becoming a member TODAY!

All members will go through LIVE with me for 12 weeks beginning February 1st!

This 12-week course will be fed to you at a reasonable pace, so that even a full time working parent can complete it and build their successful Healthcare business during the 12 weeks.


You will be done JUST IN TIME to enter 2021 with a plan for change! (Not just an empty resolution!)

If you do “fall behind” or 
experience a need to move more slowly, 
don’t worry! 
You will have LIFETIME access to the content! 
You can take it at your own pace.
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Satisfaction Guarantee


I have a 30 Day money back guarantee, where if you do EVERYTHING I teach, participate in the community, and STILL see non progress toward growing your healthcare business, I will personally return your start up cost!

"With Angie's help, we have managed to secure a contract within one month of registering with CQC. With Angie's expertise, we are growing fast as a business." 

Bridget & David

Healthcare Business Owners

You have the ability to completely revolutionise your business, and your life in 12 short weeks!

Let me spare you the time, stress, and wasted money pursuing avenues that won’t result in the business you truly want! 


Claim your seat for How to build a profitable healthcare business in a pandemic and beyond!


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