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Fri, 19th April  2024 10:00 AM - 14:30 PM

How to Start & Scale A  Care Business:

Supported Living, Children's Home, Domiciliary, and Care Agency

Join us LIVE in an in-person Event of the year 2024 for Entrepreneurs who are looking to start and scale their own Healthcare Business

With Angie Khupe and the team 
📍 Holiday Inn Express London - Stratford
196 High Street London E15 2NE United Kingdom



Fri, 19 April 2024 10:00 AM - 14:30 PM

How to Start & Scale a Health & Social Care Business:

Supported Living, Childrens Home, Domiciliary, Care Agency and more...

Join us LIVE in an in-person Event of the year 2024 for Entrepreneurs who are looking to start and scale their own Healthcare Business

With Angie Khupe and the team 
📍 Holiday Inn Express London - Stratford
196 High Street London E15 2NE United Kingdom


Picture a single, transformative day where you conquer every obstacle in your path.

Our event offers just that—a powerhouse strategy session designed to launch and exponentially grow your healthcare business in 2024. From supported living and home care to setting up a nursing agency or care home, we cover it all. 

Gain not only the fundamental support, principles, and tools essential for success but also seize the chance to network with industry leaders. 

This empowering event is tailored for start-ups and SMEs in the healthcare business, ensuring you leave equipped to thrive in this ever-growing sector.


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  1. Explore Care Business Models: Dive into various care business models including Supported Living facilities, traditional Care Agencies, Domiciliary Care, and Home Care services. Understand the nuances, advantages, and challenges of each model to choose what best fits your vision.
  2. Foundation Building: Learn the 5 phases of setting up your care business from scratch, ensuring a strong and sustainable foundation for your venture.
  3. In-Depth Registration and Compliance: Navigate the complexities of registration with key regulatory boards like CQC (Care Quality Commission) and OFSTED. Our experts will guide you through every step, ensuring you meet all regulatory standards and maintain ongoing compliance.
  4. Understanding Contracts and Tenders: Gain valuable insights into acquiring contracts and navigating tender processes. Learn how to identify opportunities, submit compelling bids, and secure contracts that will propel your business forward.
  5. Industry Insights for 2024: Stay ahead with knowledge about the latest trends and demands in the care sector for 2024, positioning your business for success in a dynamic market.
  6. Funding and Financial Strategies: Explore diverse funding options and learn effective financial planning to ensure the growth and sustainability of your business.
  7. Marketing Mastery: Dive deep into innovative marketing and branding strategies tailored for the care sector to attract your target clientele.
  8. Recruitment and Staffing Excellence: Discover effective techniques for recruiting and retaining skilled staff, a crucial aspect of running a successful care business.
  9. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and fellow aspirants. Share experiences, insights, and form valuable connections.
  10. Comprehensive Resource Toolkit: Receive an extensive toolkit with resources, templates, and guides to help you navigate your entrepreneurial journey in the care sector. 

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Angie Khupe has written her own rules for success that have both impacted and transcended communities and borders. She is a multi-skilled entrepreneur, business leader and sought-after speaker who has devoted her career to help open doors for women in the healthcare sector, both in the UK and Africa.

Angie is intentional and is all about doing things differently, thus at the cross-section of healthcare and business, she founded the Healthcare Business School.

In her capacity as an empowerment specialist and transformational leader, the school has developed notable courses and trainings that unlock potential by cultivating and nurturing leadership qualities and effective business strategies that enable entrepreneurs in healthcare to compete in the 21st-century economy.

Event Details:


Fri, 19th April 2024 10:00 - 14:30 BST

Holiday Inn Express London,  Stratford 196 High Street, London, E15 2NE

Price £ 74 

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I have now attended her workshop twice ...

as I had to continue learning. There is so much value from her workshops and she is very knowledgeable. Very easy to understand and I am now in the process of setting up my supported living and nursing agency.


I attended a seminar sometime in 2019 and when Angie was delivering lecture on setting a healthcare business, she was very inclusive, not shy from telling truth, advice good money management when it comes to property, and took her time to answer questions. I observed she understands everyone learn and understands things differently. Angie re-cap and took time to attend to someone participants after the seminar. That day fateful day inspired and... 

...convinced me that I will be in good hands with the training I needed.



I attended a webinar Angie delivered. The information and knowledge I gained are amazing.

...I would recommend Angie anytime without a doubt. Amazing work.




- Recruitment agency start-ups

- Healthcare business start-ups

- Supported living start-ups

- Domiciliary start-up and owners

- Property owners

- Anyone thinking of setting up any healthcare business

- Anyone looking for ideas on healthcare businesses

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Claim your Ticket at £74 only